CSS-Only Danger Dial

This is an animated CSS-only dial that has a variety of applications, including monitoring progress toward a goal or registering the danger of something.
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Command Line - Creating Jekyll Posts

GitHub works fine for a CMS, but I'd much rather do my work in my favorite IDE, and if I'm working locally, I may as well make it simple. Here are a couple snippets you might find valuable.

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Jekyll is a static-site generator - great for fast websites that can still do some of the fancy stuff CMSs do. So I figured I would try it out for my development blog since it's built into GitHub pages. If nothing else, it's a great excuse to learn a new technology and get more familiar with markdown. I'll be following up with my build proces for local testing.

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I'm Ethan Clevenger. I run Sterner Stuff Design and make things with the internet. Here you'll find tutorials, musings and such.

My Work

  • Webspec Design

    During my time at Webspec Design I worked on many things, including the company's website. We wanted a fresh visual experience and the convenience of WordPress without sacrificing the existing content and search engine standing. A custom import brought over the old content while a lot of collaboration between dev and designer led to touches like the SVG animations you'll see on the department icons.

  • Iowa Century21 Recruitment

    Century21 wanted to make sure that their new applicants knew they were entering a company that was dedicated to them. At Webspec Design, I developed a site to communicate the tenants they hold themselves to when working with their employees that also suggested a modern and vibrant company. With the job hunt headed to mobile screens, responsiveness was paramount for this site.

  • Iowa C21 Sold

    Century21 also wanted a way for agents to quickly scaffold attractive sites featuring market information on properties their clients were putting up for sale. The biggest hurdle here was presenting a wealth of market data in a consumable way. Clicking through to the second page of the presentation via the button at the bottom, you'll see this resulted in a variety of graphs and charts, ensuring that clients could come to educated decisions about how to price their homes. This particular link is filled with sample data, assuming they haven't deleted it, as these sites can be created and destroyed at a moment's notice.

  • The Iowa Caucus Project from the Harkin Institute at Drake University

    With first-in-the-nation primaries and the unique caucus system, the Harkin Institute wanted to share information about the state of Iowa and provide ways for visitors to see campaign events from all the potential candidates. The SVG-based map of Iowa does just that, allowing visitors to explore a huge amount of demographic information on a county-by-county basis. Switching views below the map and adjusting the filter to display past events also showcases campaign stops by candidates in the latest nation-wide primaries. All of this, once built, was updatable by the staff at the Harkin Institute via the familiar WordPress CMS without the help of a developer.

My Projects

  • beerPilgrimage

    Built on Angular.js, beerPilgrimage allows visitors to find breweries along their next road trip. Your work is saved to your browser so you don't have to worry about losing your place. To provide up-to-date and relevant information, the site connects to the BreweryDB API for brewery information and Yelp! for brewery ratings.

  • Finding the Forest
  • Hide Gannett Surveys

My Talks

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