CSS-Only Danger Dial

This is an animated CSS-only dial that has a variety of applications, including monitoring progress toward a goal or registering the danger of something.
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Command Line - Creating Jekyll Posts

GitHub works fine for a CMS, but I'd much rather do my work in my favorite IDE, and if I'm working locally, I may as well make it simple. Here are a couple snippets you might find valuable.

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Jekyll is a static-site generator - great for fast websites that can still do some of the fancy stuff CMSs do. So I figured I would try it out for my development blog since it's built into GitHub pages. If nothing else, it's a great excuse to learn a new technology and get more familiar with markdown. I'll be following up with my build proces for local testing.

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I'm Ethan Clevenger. I make things with the internet. Here you'll find tutorials, musings and such.

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